Galvanized Water Line Repair and Replacement


Galvanized Pipe Repair and Replacement in London, ON

Depending on when it was built, your home’s plumbing pipes can be made from a variety of materials. Some of these materials, like lead, should be replaced as soon as possible.

Another type of pipe you might find in your home is a galvanized pipe. Galvanized pipes are usually made from steel, but have a zinc coating (hence the name galvanized). This coating prevents corrosion.

This type of pipe is not very common, but it is found in residential areas around London, ON. Galvanized pipes can be prone to rusting on the inside, which can lead to brown coloured water entering your home through your faucets. You might also notice that water flowing through galvanized pipes has a metallic taste. It can often contain high concentrations of iron or zinc.

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Galvanized pipes aren’t as strong as pipes made from other materials such as copper. They are also threaded together rather than soldered, which can lead to leaking at the joints.

If your home has galvanized pipes, you should consider replacing them. At London Smart Plumbing, our experienced plumbers can identify and replace galvanized pipes to ensure the safety of your home’s plumbing system.

Call us right away or schedule an appointment online if you need repair or replacement of your home’s pipes, whether they are galvanized, lead, or any other type. We’re here to help with professional and courteous plumbing services in the London, ON area.

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