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Garburator Installation in London, ON

Trust your Garburator Installation to London Smart Plumbing. We will install your Garburator correctly so you have full peace of mind.

A garbage disposal (also known as a garburator) can be an extremely convenient addition to your kitchen sink. However, if it becomes clogged or jammed, it can quickly turn into a huge nuisance. If you find yourself in need of garburator repair, we are here for you.

London Smart Plumbing professionals are on call to provide a wide range of kitchen plumbing services, including garburator installation, maintenance and repair for both commercial and residential customers.

If you already have a garbage disposal installed, it’s crucial that you keep it in good working order. This will prevent clogs and backups, and save your garburator from damage and wear.

A garbage disposal can easily be damaged if non-food items fall into it, such as cutlery, straws and even sponges. While it’s job is to crush food, some items that are fatty, greasy or highly fibrous can cause the garbage disposal to clog.

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If you suspect a clog in your garbage disposal, call us right away. We’ll be right over to provide you with professional garburator repair, and if needed, a new garburator installation.

If you leave a garburator clogged, it can create problems down the drain lines, potentially leading to more serious drain clogs or backups. That’s why time is of the essence – and we’ve got you covered.

Our garburator services include solutions to:

Installation – replace a broken garburator or install a new one
Leaks – often due to worn out seals
Jams – often due to hard food items such as bones.
Humming – could be due to a burnt out motor.
No activity – connections need to be checked and a reset performed.
Drain problems – could be due to the garburator not crushing food properly.

Call us or schedule an appointment online if you need garburator installation or repair, or any other kitchen plumbing service in London, ON. We’re always happy to provide helpful tips to minimize any future issues with your kitchen plumbing.

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