Grease and Oil Interceptor Installation


Grease and Oil Interceptor Installation in London, ON

If you’re a restaurant owner in the London, ON area, you are most likely familiar with grease and oil interceptors – also known as grease traps. These are specialized devices that capture oil, fat and grease and prevent these from accumulating and hardening around pipes. If this is allowed to happen, the flow gets restricted and could lead to expensive plumbing repairs.

Generally speaking, restaurants must install commercial grease traps to comply with local and provincial regulations. Installing a grease trap in your restaurant’s plumbing will help keep the local sewer system free of grease build up, ensuring proper drainage for the local area. Proper grease trap installation doesn’t just help your business – it also helps the community.

If you’re looking for experts in grease trap installation, look no further than the experienced professional plumbers at London Smart Plumbing. We’re here to provide you with a wide range of commercial grease and oil interceptor services.

If your grease trap needs maintenance, we’ve got you covered with repair and replacement services you can count on. Don’t let a malfunctioning grease trap cause a build up in your plumbing. If your grease trap needs replacement, we’ve got you covered for that too.

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It’s important that you address any grease trap issues you have as soon as possible to avoid future headaches. You can count on London Smart Plumbing, London, ON’s trusted plumbing professionals, to provide you with expert grease trap maintenance and replacement services.

Don’t hesitate to call or email us to schedule an appointment online! Our experienced plumbers are standing by to ensure your commercial grease trap is in tip top shape.

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