In-line Backwater Valve Installation


In-line Backwater Valve Installation in London, ON

A backwater valve, also known as a backflow preventer, is a device installed under your basement floor which prevents storm water or sewage from backing up your home’s drains or plumbing fixtures. When it senses a reverse flow of water, it closes a gate to stop the backup.

If your sewers are backing up, think of a backwater valve as your last line of defense to prevent water and waste from entering your home.

Most backwater valves consist of 4-inch ABS plastic pipe with two openings (one for inlet and one for outlet of water and waste), a gate with flotation devices, and a clear top/opening for easy visual inspection to ensure it isn’t clogged. While it’s easy to check it yourself, regular inspection by a plumber is also generally recommended.

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The valve is designed to close if water starts to back up. The flotation devices on either side of the gate will push it closed to prevent sewer water from entering your home. When the water pressure is reduced, the gate will drop down, allowing water to freely flow once again.

If you’re looking to have a backwater valve installed in your home, look no further than the professionals at London Smart Plumbing. We are here to provide you with expert backwater valve installation services in the London, ON area.

Keep in mind that every home’s drainage system is different, which is why we discuss your plans thoroughly with you before installation. The process involves breaking through your basement’s concrete floor and digging down to the sewer lateral – the pipe that your home’s sinks, bathtubs and toilet waste goes through to reach the sewer. The backwater valve is installed in a section of the sewer lateral, and concrete is poured to fill in the floor.

Don’t get stuck with a backed up sewer and a flooded basement after a heavy rainfall. Call us right away or schedule an appointment online if you need backwater valve installation or repair, or any other plumbing service. We’re here to help!


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