Outdoor Faucet and Frost-free Water Hydrant Repairs


Outdoor Faucet and Frost-free Water Hydrant Repairs in London, ON

Winter in London, ON isn’t easy to get through, so we understand that when warmer weather sets in, many people want to get a head start on enjoying the outdoors and tending to their garden.

If you’re a gardening enthusiast – whether it’s flowers, vegetables or herbs – you’re going to need reliable outdoor water access. Even if you’re just looking to keep a lush, green lawn, a properly functioning outdoor faucet or water hydrant is a must.

Beyond providing a reliable source of water for your gardening and landscaping needs, an outdoor faucet needs to function properly in order to avoid potential damage to your property.

If an outdoor faucet is constantly leaking or never shuts off completely, the constant running water can accumulate on the side of your home and spell disaster.

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Why is your outdoor faucet leaking? It could be due to age, poor maintenance, or lack of winterization. Many people don’t even know that outdoor faucets need to be winterized before the first frost of the year. If they aren’t they can result in frozen pipes, bursts and leaks.

Some people opt for frost-free water hydrants, also known as garden hydrants, for their outdoor water needs. In either case, these fixtures need to be properly maintained in order to ensure they don’t pose a danger to your home.

If you notice that your outdoor faucet or frost-free water hydrant is leaking for any reason, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our licenced and experienced plumbers are here to provide you with quick repair and replacement of outdoor fixtures such as faucets (hose bibs or spigots) and hydrants.

Call us right away or schedule an appointment online. The professional plumbers at London Smart Plumbing are here to help with all your outdoor water service needs!

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