Sump Pump Installation and Repair


Sump Pump Installation and Repair in London, ON

The plumbing professionals at London Smart Plumbing offer expert sump pump installation, emergency sump pump repair, and sump pump maintenance and replacement services in the London, ON area.

You probably don’t think about your sump pump – that is, until you are standing in a flooded basement after a big rain storm. Being proactive and addressing maintenance and repair will ensure that your sump pump remains in good working condition to prevent costly water damage to your home.

Your sump pump is crucial in preventing basement flooding, so don’t forget about it. Leave it to us to help with all your sump pump and plumbing needs.

If your sump pump needs to be replaced, you might be tempted to do it yourself. But in order to ensure that it is properly installed and working correctly, it’s best to hire a professional plumber for the job.

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If your sump pump is not working properly, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our experts have the right knowledge and experience when it comes to sump pumps.

It’s true that sump pumps are easy to forget about. They are relatively low-maintenance devices after all. However, they still should be tested and inspected on a regular basis at least once a year. Failing to do this could result in water damage to your home after a heavy rainfall – and the need for sump pump emergency repair.

We are here to help you troubleshoot your sump pump. If you notice any of the following when inspecting your sump pump, contact us immediately to prevent your home from being damaged.
● Musty smell (mold or mildew)
● Float switch is stuck
● Loud noises from the sump pump
● Sump pump not working

If your sump pump is not working properly, call in the experts at Roto-Rooter. We can help with sump pump repairs, sump pump installation and sump pump replacement or battery backup sump pump installation.

Don’t get stuck with a flooded basement after a heavy rainfall. Call us or schedule an appointment online if you need sump pump installation or repair, or any other plumbing service. We’re here to help!

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